Toast and Cheers: A Day In Snow White’s Magic Forest

“Some day I’ll find my love, Someone to call my own, and I’ll know him the moment we meet, For my heart will be skipping a beat.” – Snow White Snow White’s optimism and her ability to handle conundrums with great aplomb always fascinates me. Hence, I was dead sure I wanted an entire wedding … Continue Reading

Keeping It Magical With La Novella

Weddings really are a symphony of organized chaos. Everything that can go wrong usually does. People want to change seats or decide last minute that they prefer the look of their neighbours’ meal choice. You’re running around while trying not to trip up on your dress and embarrass yourself so you can hear about it … Continue Reading

We Were Featured On Ideal Weddings!

Saturdays can’t get any better than this. Whee! Spending Saturday afternoon reading about our wedding on Ideal Weddings’ new publication. A huge thank you to the folks at Ideal Weddings for this. Grab your copy at all leading bookstores and newsstands for our wedding story as well as everything you need to know to organize … Continue Reading

An Aladdin-Style Wedding – Welcome To Our Cave Of Wonders!

“Who disturbs my slumber?” Team Bobbliana did! 😛 Last November, we decided to unleash the Disney Geek in us and revive the Disney Renaissance era with a plethora of Disney-inspired photos and a Disney themed wedding reception. I’ve covered Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast earlier in the blog and today, we’re going to take … Continue Reading

The Enchanted Rose Episode: Our Beauty And The Beast Wedding Photos

Beast: I want to do something for her… but what? Cogsworth: Well, there’s the usual things: flowers… chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep… Haha! I’m glad I got my flowers, chocolates, promises that were sealed in our wedding vows (phew!) as well as some very stunning Disney inspired wedding photos! Speaking of Disney, I … Continue Reading

We Hired A Magician for Our Wedding!

What better way to infuse a little magic into your wedding than to actually infuse some magic into your wedding! No I haven’t gone crazy, trust me! As my hubby and I planned the details for our wedding, we couldn’t help but feel more and more excited. But what good would it be if we … Continue Reading