SBA2013: My Secret Garden Party (Part I) – Prepping for the Garden

With the current dry and hazy conditions, flowers are certainly ‘a sight for sore eyes’ now. 😛 So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to create a ‘heavy petal’ look that you can wear on your next jaunt to the botanical gardens or when you’re attending a garden party wedding. I call it the Secret … Continue Reading

V 10 Plus Star Bloggers Event

Top Japanese skincare brand, V 10 Plus just held their very first bloggers event last month and my beauty encyclopedia, Honeyz Cube was granted the great opportunity of celebrating this significant milestone as their marketing partner. Whee! The best part was – not only was I there for work (inviting and hosting the bloggers), I also got … Continue Reading

Kim Robinson and V3 Miracle Serums Reviews and exclusive offers for Honeyz Belles!

Sponsored Review We’ve all had facials before but have you ever tried a ‘hand and feet facial‘? If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out! Our hands and feet are the most exposed and tortured parts of our body so they certainly deserve as much attention as our face. So last week I gave my limbs … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: V 10 Plus

Advertorial We all know it’s an unforgivable beauty gaffe to not exfoliate and moisturize regularly because beautiful skin starts with a good skincare regimen. However, the full beauty regimen might be absurdly time-consuming to city dwellers like us. So popular Japanese skincare brand, V 10 Plus has come up with a few miracle serums that will help … Continue Reading