Keeping It Magical With La Novella

Weddings really are a symphony of organized chaos. Everything that can go wrong usually does. People want to change seats or decide last minute that they prefer the look of their neighbours’ meal choice. You’re running around while trying not to trip up on your dress and embarrass yourself so you can hear about it … Continue Reading

We Were Featured On Ideal Weddings!

Saturdays can’t get any better than this. Whee! Spending Saturday afternoon reading about our wedding on Ideal Weddings’ new publication. A huge thank you to the folks at Ideal Weddings for this. Grab your copy at all leading bookstores and newsstands for our wedding story as well as everything you need to know to organize … Continue Reading

An Aladdin-Style Wedding – Welcome To Our Cave Of Wonders!

“Who disturbs my slumber?” Team Bobbliana did! 😛 Last November, we decided to unleash the Disney Geek in us and revive the Disney Renaissance era with a plethora of Disney-inspired photos and a Disney themed wedding reception. I’ve covered Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast earlier in the blog and today, we’re going to take … Continue Reading

Magic Pumpkin Series: Cinderella Pre-Wedding Photos

“Have courage and be kind… Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.” This March, Disney is all out to set our fairytale-loving hearts aflutter with the release of the live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale – Cinderella. *shrieks* I remember I was in the midst of planning … Continue Reading

“Dreams Really Do Come True” – Our Cinematic Wedding Trailer (The Highlights)

You’ve seen the entrance, now brace yourselves for another spectacular Disney extravaganza! And we’re calling it the “Dreams Really Do Come True” Cinematic Wedding Trailer which gives you a glimpse of the key events of our nuptials such as the traditional Chinese tea ceremony (spot the Hello Kitty tea set!), our Disney-inspired ensembles, the legendary Sleeping … Continue Reading

Toast and Cheers: Finally Found Forever – Our Wedding Entrance Video

The pinnacle moment of a wedding is probably the wedding entrance aka the ‘First March-In’ which will inevitably set the tone for the rest of the ceremony. Many ideas started rolling in for the ultimate wedding entrance… – Arriving in a horse-drawn carriage Too cliche and the horses might start pooping all over the restaurant. … Continue Reading