What Is A Back Facial?

The last quarter of 2014 has been interesting for me. Overnight, I went from a beauty lazy bum to a wannabe fitspo and even embarked on a full ketogenic diet to prepare for my impending wedding. Haha! This is further proof that brides will do anything to look phenomenal on their big day. 😛 Well, … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Addressing My Scalp Troubles With Yun Nam Hair Care

Advertorial I’ve been enjoying my wedding planning status to the fullest with innumerable photoshoots for my Secret Garden Fairytale themed nuptials. Since the photos are the most significant memorabilia of the wedding which are usually displayed for a lifetime AND probably shown to future generations, I need to make sure that they’re perfect! 😀 So … Continue Reading

Jonsson Protein Hair Growth Review

Advertorial If you want to have thick luscious hair like Rapunzel, then you’ll have to be cognisant of the way hair works. Do you know that each strand of hair is composed of mostly protein? We’re talking about 91% here. This means your hair NEEDS protein to grow. But guess what happens when your hair … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Hairtitude at Suntec City

Sponsored Review I was slated to do a photoshoot in a week but… I was facing the greatest hair-tastrophe. My locks were dull, brittle and frizzy with unsightly flyaways and split ends. The roots have also grown out making the overall style ratty and simply maladious. I knew what my hair needed but I have … Continue Reading

Hair Profile Salon Review: Color Me Purple

Sponsored Review Word has it that wearing purple enhances creativity and is associated with confidence, self independence and class. Nice. I need that but I don’t think I should wear only purple or everyone might start associating me with Barney. Well, since I wasn’t born to the purple, I decided to wear the gorgeous amethyst hue … Continue Reading

Five-Star Beauty Treatments at a Fraction of the Price?

Sponsored Review Affirmative. Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy a coupon deal, cross the borders or even break your back for it. This one-in-a-million sanctuary is strategically located in the heart of the heartland, easily accessible by any public transportation options. So click for your economical luxurious retreat! Oxymoron but you know what I … Continue Reading