Fashion Review: Forever 21

Do you have a style crush? Well, I do. I have a HUGE celebrity style crush on Vanessa Hudgens. Totally dig her bohemian-meets-high-end fashion looks. Here are some of her lustworthy dresses. I was shopping on recently and I spotted 2 dresses that were similar to Vanessa’s. Needless to say, I added them to […]

Fashion Review: Agneselle (AE)

Howdy! I’ve been an ardent fan of Agneselle since 2009. Why? Cus their clothes fit my tiny frame snugly! So to pay tribute to my favorite local blog shop, I decided to do a fashion review on their clothes. If you’ve been following my blog, you would have noticed that this is my second fashion […]

Fashion Review: Agneselle, Love Bonito, Topshop

In the twinkling of an eye, it has already been 3 weeks since I ‘penned’ my first post. I’m glad you guys have enjoyed what I’d shared so far. Thank you for all the encouraging messages. I truly appreciate your ardent support. Please do continue to watch this space for more beauty, fashion and travel anecdotes! And […]

Fashion Review: Le Dezire

Honeyz….. I’m home! I’m gonna try something different in this post. No beauty reviews this time. Instead, I’m going to do a fashion review of online store, Le Dezire‘s best sellers. Eunice, founder of Le Dezire, was kind enough to give me some of her signature pieces for this fashion review. You can’t believe how […]