What Can the Haze Do to Your Skin (and How You Can Haze-Proof Yourself)

Haze, haze, go away! But like it or not, it’s here to stay. At least for the time being. Haze is a condition where airborne pollutants are suspended in the air obscuring visibility and contaminating the air we breathe in. The high PSI not only contributes to a whole nexus of health problems, it also … Continue Reading

6 steps to FIRMER and more RADIANT skin!

Whether it’s for your engagement party or that special dinner date, everyone wants to impress with a killer complexion. And the good news is – it doesn’t have to involve a bucket full of cash to achieve that luminous glow. All you need is patience, some commitment and a solid six-step beauty regimen and you … Continue Reading

My Bridal Beauty Log: Getting Cozy under a Thermal Blanket

Sponsored Review What do ‘blankets’ remind you of? They remind me of warm comfy beds, cozy cuddles and indulging after-lunch siestas. What if I tell you there’s a blanket that you can not only snuggle in but also improve your blood circulation, boost your metabolism and help you workout while resting! I’m not kidding! Okay, … Continue Reading

My Bridal Beauty Log: Phoenix La Beaute

Advertorial A bride-to-be never stops seeking for perfection when it comes to beauty! Hehe. In this edition of My Bridal Beauty Log, I visited up-and-coming beauty establishment – Phoenix La Beaute and tried their signature Universal Contour Wrap that is highly commended by the likes of Paula Abdul, Katherine Heigl and many other famous names. The … Continue Reading