Where to hold a bachelorette party in Singapore?

Advertorial With our good friend, Kennie’s wedding date drawing nearer than ever, the question that has been lingering in our heads becomes more eminent – where to hold the perfect bachelorette party?  Many ideas crossed our minds but they somewhat hover along the lines of getting a swanky hotel room, hire manicurists for a pampering … Continue Reading

Look! There are butterflies on my nails!

Advertorial This February, the year of the Snake slithers in and I welcome this majestic year with gorgeous Chinese garden-themed nails from Nail Indulgence De Beau! The nail art was created with Sha-Nail Pro stickers, Jacqueline Burchell’s J226 and J090. Sha-Nail Pro Catalogue Sha-Nail Pro Catalogue Jacqueline Burchell J226 Jacqueline Burchell J090 Sha-Nail Pro is … Continue Reading

Horror Has a New Name… and it’s Juliana!

Advertorial Halloween fashion is making its rounds again and I’m not spared. Well… at least my nails are not. 🙂 To keep up with the spooktacular theme, I prepared scary Halloween masks, frightful costumes, ghostly hairdos… And of course, boo-tiful nails! This Halloween, I opted for spooky, classy yet trendy nails. Black for spook. Gold for … Continue Reading

Flamingo Fun by Nail Indulgence De Beau

Advertorial Between the bright beachy colors and hot pink flamingos, my freshly manicured nails by Nail Indulgence De Beau are here to conquer the Animal Print Fever! Besides new hair color, new cosmetics and stunning new frocks (:P), my autumn makeover still falls short of one thing. Did you guess it right? Yes. Chic autumn … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Inspired Nails at Nail Indulgence De Beau

Advertorial Nail Indulgence De Beau elevates customer service to a new level by giving me the chicest celebrity inspired nails! I saw these beautiful nails on Chriselle‘s instagram account and the first thing that came to my mind was… ‘I WANT HER NAILS!’ I know you might be a wee bit distracted by the huge … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: The Perfect Male Manicure at Nail Indulgence De Beau

Advertorial Should men get manicures too? Absolutely! I mean why not? Men should indulge as much as we girls do. Men may not get manicures for the same vanity reasons, but doing so will elevate their hygiene cred and help them maintain a clean and trimmed appearance. Don’t we all agree that manicures are great stress … Continue Reading