Fashion Review: Megagamie’s (MGG) I’m So Pleaty Skirt

Sashay into a CNY party with confidence and grace with Megagamie’s I’m So Pleaty Skirt! Megagamie I’m So Pleaty Skirt As seen on Mgg                           Afterthoughts… Comfortability? Checked! Good material and craftsmanship? Checked. Durability? Checked! Adorable yet stylish? Triple checked! Such a cute … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Megagamie Go Neon MNG Jegging in Boat Blue

My new wardrobe achilles heel – Jeggings! I just can’t get enough of them! Megagamie Go Neon MNG Jegging in Boat Blue As seen in Megagamie I wore this pair of boat blue jeggings in the last Christmas Gelish Nails post –The Best Holiday Gift for Her. Here are some pictures for recollection. Individual photos … Continue Reading