Clozette Style Party 2016

There’s a Chinese saying that says 台上一分鈡,台下十年功 which literally means, ten years of practice for one minute on the stage. I can’t agree more. Even though the Clozette Style Party only lasted for three days, it took the team many sleepless nights to prepare for one of their biggest Style Parties ever at Suntec City. … Continue Reading

Life Is Short But Lashes Don’t Have To Be *wink*

I’m tired of waking up to my pasty morning face, under-eye bags and (eek!) listless eyes. You know what they say. Great things happen when you start your day on the right foot.  So I would love to get out of bed looking and feeling like Jessica Rabbit. 😛 And one simple way to achieve … Continue Reading

Lolita Group Novalash Giveaway

There’s no denying thick lushes lashes can really make a difference to your face by framing and highlighting your eyes. That’s why I’m back at Lolita Group again to perk up my eyes with fuller and more dramatic eyelashes. Psst! And I wanna share that with you. Fancy a set of natural looking eyelash extensions … Continue Reading

Why are long eyelashes attractive?

Advertorial Why are long fluttery eyelashes attractive? Because… – they brighten the peepers and make them more alluring. – they are a time saver. No more long eye makeup routines. – our eyes are the windows to our soul so having longer and fuller lashes are like drapes that frame and beautify the windows! Long … Continue Reading

Lolita Group Novalash Technician for a day!

Everytime I shut my eyes during my eyelash extension treatments, all I hear is apparatus clinking and all I feel is my eyelashes being separated by some kind of applicator. The rhythmic noises, gentle motions and comfortable bed usually make me sleepy and I’ll doze off during the treatment. It’s the cool breeze and water at the … Continue Reading

Exclusive Novalash Promotion for Honeyz Belles!

Advertorial Well, you belles all know that I have Novalash extensions on. The extensions can last up to four weeks. But do you know that the lifespan and lusciousness of the extensions can be extended if you clean and condition them with the right products? I’ve been using this particular cleansing product from Lolita Group and … Continue Reading