My Quintessential Wedding Hair Stylist – Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Sponsored Review You probably already know that your hair affects how you look to a very large extent.  To be exact, we’re talking about 70%. But can you guess what that 70% is made up of? Color, texture or style? If you guessed style, you’re absolutely spot on! A huge portion of our looks is … Continue Reading

Bridal Beauty Log: Wedding-Worthy hair by Shunji Matsuo

Sponsored Review “Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair.” – Anonymous Whoever who said that is indubitably spot on! Their hair always look soft, silky and voluminous! And!!! They seem to have a life of their own too, always falling neatly back into place while they are dancing, singing, fighting evil witches and even when … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Hairtitude at Suntec City

Sponsored Review I was slated to do a photoshoot in a week but… I was facing the greatest hair-tastrophe. My locks were dull, brittle and frizzy with unsightly flyaways and split ends. The roots have also grown out making the overall style ratty and simply maladious. I knew what my hair needed but I have … Continue Reading

Hair Profile: Goldilocks who?

Sponsored Review This summer, the whiz-bang team of Hair Profile gives Goldilocks a run for her money with sumptuous shades of burlesque pink and moulin rouge. Yes. I’m tired of the usual hues so I’m putting a little swerve into my boring locks by scattering some dazzling magenta streaks on my crown too. Click to … Continue Reading

Hey ma, look! I’ve got pink hair!

Sponsored Review I posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it ‘Colors of Nature‘. Apt or trying too hard to blend into the green surroundings with my hot pink highlights? Haha! Maybe a backdrop of sakuras will be more appropriate. Anyway, who says pink hair is not for the faint of heart? Well, Hair Profile has … Continue Reading

Kim Robinson and V3 Miracle Serums Reviews and exclusive offers for Honeyz Belles!

Sponsored Review We’ve all had facials before but have you ever tried a ‘hand and feet facial‘? If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out! Our hands and feet are the most exposed and tortured parts of our body so they certainly deserve as much attention as our face. So last week I gave my limbs … Continue Reading