My Quintessential Wedding Hair Stylist – Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Sponsored Review You probably already know that your hair affects how you look to a very large extent.  To be exact, we’re talking about 70%. But can you guess what that 70% is made up of? Color, texture or style? If you guessed style, you’re absolutely spot on! A huge portion of our looks is … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Addressing My Scalp Troubles With Yun Nam Hair Care

Advertorial I’ve been enjoying my wedding planning status to the fullest with innumerable photoshoots for my Secret Garden Fairytale themed nuptials. Since the photos are the most significant memorabilia of the wedding which are usually displayed for a lifetime AND probably shown to future generations, I need to make sure that they’re perfect! 😀 So … Continue Reading

Jonsson Protein Hair Growth Review

Advertorial If you want to have thick luscious hair like Rapunzel, then you’ll have to be cognisant of the way hair works. Do you know that each strand of hair is composed of mostly protein? We’re talking about 91% here. This means your hair NEEDS protein to grow. But guess what happens when your hair … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Glitz Hairworkz’s Scalp Detox Treatment

Sponsored Review Are hair loss, balding and dandruff problems bugging you? We all know these could be caused by an unhealthy scalp but the real problem is – do you know how to fix the damaged scalp? Well, hair care veteran Glitz Hairworkz might have the solution to your infuriating scalp issues. Introducing Scalp Detox Treatment that … Continue Reading

Honeyz Beauty Review: CLEAR with Nutrium 10 Shampoo

Sponsored Review Bid relentless dandruff and awful thinning hair goodbye and usher in Christmas with voluminous and luscious locks! And how do you achieve this you ask? With Unilever’s new breakthrough technology in scalp care – Nutrium 10, which is the key ingredient of its CLEAR series. Dandruff (whether minimal or chronic) and hair loss can cause a lack of confidence … Continue Reading

Honeyz Beauty Review: Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Hair Mask

Shrieks! Does your hair look like that? I hope not. Raise your hand if you ever envied Disney Princess, Pocahontas’ long luscious hair! Picture Credits: Wikipedia *raising my hand up high* I used to be really amazed by how she could effortlessly maintain her straight and silky hair even when she is leaping off cliffs … Continue Reading