Is Your Hair Condition As Good As It Looks? Think Again.

If there’s a fashion army camp, then creating fabulous hair is definitely high on the training list. We all know that every socialmedialite needs to be well versed on this hair subject. We’re constantly attending events, taking photos and meeting the movers and shakers of the beauty and fashion industry so we certainly can’t afford … Continue Reading

Make Skincare ‘Moor’ Effective with Eumora Facial Soaps

Advertorial The Romans, Celts, and the Egyptians, have been a huge advocate of this organic ingredient. And apparently, while Queen Cleopatra wasn’t indulging in her luxurious milk bath, she also fed her famed beautiful skin with this ingredient! Now forget the Medieval age and fast forward to modern times, some of our biggest A-list celebs such as … Continue Reading

I received my free samples!

I received my free samples from Dove and Bio-essence today! It took them less than a week to process the redemption. Very efficient. 🙂 I’m a happy girl. (Yeah… I’m easily satisfied.) Click here to redeem yours too! Love, Juliana

Free Samples!!!

Howdy gorgeous people! I’m adding a new tab on my page – Free Samples! Look up! Many big beauty product brands tend to give away free samples on their websites/Facebook pages on a regular basis. To make sure you guys don’t miss out on these goodies, I’ll be updating the ‘Free Samples’ page diligently on … Continue Reading