Theresa Beauty LED Teeth Whitening Review

Beautiful hair, impeccable makeup and heavenly ballgowns are indisputably hallmarks of a Disney princess! Hmm… Seems like I got everything covered for the wedding. *happy dance* Oh wait? I think I forgot something. Aww… I sure did. Every Disney princess also has a lovely set of pearly white teeth to mesmerise their Prince Charming. If … Continue Reading

What Is A Back Facial?

The last quarter of 2014 has been interesting for me. Overnight, I went from a beauty lazy bum to a wannabe fitspo and even embarked on a full ketogenic diet to prepare for my impending wedding. Haha! This is further proof that brides will do anything to look phenomenal on their big day. 😛 Well, … Continue Reading

Toast and Cheers: Finally Found Forever – Our Wedding Entrance Video

The pinnacle moment of a wedding is probably the wedding entrance aka the ‘First March-In’ which will inevitably set the tone for the rest of the ceremony. Many ideas started rolling in for the ultimate wedding entrance… – Arriving in a horse-drawn carriage Too cliche and the horses might start pooping all over the restaurant. … Continue Reading

Bridal Beauty Log: Reaching for Disney Beauty Standards at SHOU Slimming Centre

A style and dress that embodies the essence of Disney princesses is easy to attain but their perfect anatomies? It’s Mission Impossible, for me at least. Disney Princesses always have this flawless silhouette that’s made up of thin demure shoulders, a slender neck, a narrow defined waist and perky boobs! The aforementioned features can probably … Continue Reading

65 Daigou – A Shopaholic’s Haven!

I first witnessed the glory of TaoBao when I organised a business delegation to participate in the APEC SME Summit in Hangzhou five years ago. Since the conference was enthusiastically supported by’s founder, Jack Ma, the event inherently included a major Taobao trade fair that was attended by more than 150,000 retailers, wholesalers and … Continue Reading

Bridal Beauty Log: My DIY Wedding Looks

A timeless, sleek bridal look need not come at a hefty price or with an exorbitant amount of makeup. Oh wait, if you’re expecting this to be another beauty tutorial to show you how I added the bit of oomph to the eyes or created the luscious cascading waves, you’re not quite right. As you … Continue Reading