ORBIS Petit Shake – The Superfood to Weight Loss?

We’re officially 70 days away from the biggest event of my life and I’m still 3kg away from my ideal weight. Urgh! I know it might not sound like a huge slimming goal but these 3kgs are as stubborn as an ox. They just won’t go away. I’ve tried all kinds of cardio and workouts … Continue Reading

Indulge in some Insta-Beau Buffet!

Instagram Photography is officially my new favorite hobby! I’ve been trying to hone my skills as a product photographer for my beauty encyclopedia HoneyzCube.com, but what seemed like pure work initially turned out to be a helluva lot of fun! Taking photos everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings and help me … Continue Reading

My Quintessential Wedding Hair Stylist – Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Sponsored Review You probably already know that your hair affects how you look to a very large extent.  To be exact, we’re talking about 70%. But can you guess what that 70% is made up of? Color, texture or style? If you guessed style, you’re absolutely spot on! A huge portion of our looks is … Continue Reading

5 Life-Saving Lip Hacks You Have To Know!

They say ‘loose lips sink ships’, I say ‘chapped lips sink everything’! Unlike our skin, our lips do not have oil and sweat glands to keep them moist and to add fuel to the fire, they are also thinner than the skin on our face, hence, our lips are more vulnerable to chapping and sun … Continue Reading

Bridal Beauty Log: Reaching for Disney Beauty Standards at SHOU Slimming Centre

A style and dress that embodies the essence of Disney princesses is easy to attain but their perfect anatomies? It’s Mission Impossible, for me at least. Disney Princesses always have this flawless silhouette that’s made up of thin demure shoulders, a slender neck, a narrow defined waist and perky boobs! The aforementioned features can probably … Continue Reading

Getting Myself Made At The Glamourous Factory!

Sponsored Review Do you know that the skin around the neck is thinner, contains a different collagen composition and is more vulnerable to wear and tear as compared to your facial skin? Gulp! And since a turkey neck and wrinkly d√©colletage are the earmarks of aging, it is important to make sure you show equal or … Continue Reading