MAC Cinderella Makeup Review + Giveaway

In a perfect storybook, the world is brave and good, your skin is flawless and smooth. But life’s a different game, the zits, spots and the broken veins. Sigh. Don’t lose hope just yet! You can always ‘change the fate’ with…… makeup of course! I was literally on cloud nine when news broke that Disney … Continue Reading

Say Hello To My New ORIGINS Diet!

Sponsored Review Before my wedding last November, I was visiting the salon and aesthetic clinics at least twice a week. This year… I kinda went into a ‘beauty retirement’ mode and guess what? I haven’t been to a beauty salon for facials AT ALL. Gulp! But I’m not all that lazy, I still made sure … Continue Reading

Are Rachel K’s New CC Renew Products Really Better?

Sponsored Review   My favorite beauty curator,, has returned with another incredible treasure trove of beauty delights – the Rachel K Exclusive Box. If you’ve been faithfully following my phenomenal, magnificent and amazing blog (hehe :P), you would notice by now that I’m an ardent believer of Rachel K products and their mantra to offer products that … Continue Reading

Glow Like a Star on your Wedding Day with My Cozy Room!

Sponsored Review We’re officially one month away from the big big BIG Day! *cue wedding march* Everything is in place from the invitations, decor, favours to… eh wait? I think I might be forgetting something. My face!  It is still very undersupplied with moisture and radiance. I haven’t been the kindest to my face as … Continue Reading

Say hello to SUPER 10, with all the boxes priced at $10!

Advertorial This month, Black Box goes to infinity and beyond with not one, but THREE superhero themed boxes to satisfy your inner superhuman dreams. Each box is aptly named after a superhero to represent their individual personalities. And of course, they also contain the divine products that every hero needs in their kit to save … Continue Reading

Make Skincare ‘Moor’ Effective with Eumora Facial Soaps

Advertorial The Romans, Celts, and the Egyptians, have been a huge advocate of this organic ingredient. And apparently, while Queen Cleopatra wasn’t indulging in her luxurious milk bath, she also fed her famed beautiful skin with this ingredient! Now forget the Medieval age and fast forward to modern times, some of our biggest A-list celebs such as … Continue Reading