Can Your Eyeliner Last This Long?

This month, my whimsical fairytale adventures continues with another Alice In Wonderland themed makeup product! Famed for their award-winning One-Day Tattoo eyeliners and eyebrow makeup from Japan, K-Palette is back with an astounding Disney Alice In Wonderland collection! *shrieks* This new collection is not only nicely wrapped in our favorite Wonderland themed packaging, it also comes with a blending tip to help … Continue Reading

Always Have Your Flamingoes In A Row :P

Back in 2014, I gave it my all when I began planning my Disney-themed wedding. I practically used every waking moment to brainstorm ideas and fulfill wedding-related errands. You probably already know – I am over the moon at how the wedding turned out. However, due to the intense preparation process, I also began to … Continue Reading

Life Is Short But Lashes Don’t Have To Be *wink*

I’m tired of waking up to my pasty morning face, under-eye bags and (eek!) listless eyes. You know what they say. Great things happen when you start your day on the right foot.  So I would love to get out of bed looking and feeling like Jessica Rabbit. 😛 And one simple way to achieve … Continue Reading

Achieve “Beauty Nirvana” With A D’Skin Facial Treatment

I visited more than 10 beauty establishments over the course of the last four years and never have I felt so at home at a facial salon. Enter D’Skin Lab – A leading Singapore-based beauty chain that specialises in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments. Besides introducing medical-grade equipment and in-depth massages into their facials, D’skin … Continue Reading

Gong Xi Fa Cai, My Dearest Belles!

Hello belles! Last week, I had an incredible time working on a secret Chinese New Year Project with some of my good friends and corporate partners. Before I unveil our little surprise, here’s a quick question – What do you like about Chinese New Year? Is it the food, red packets, new clothes or the … Continue Reading

Year In Review: My Hair Makeovers At Shunji Matsuo

2015 has been nothing but rewarding – hosted my very first health and wellness event with my husband, went on a nice honeymoon, got married again in the UK (haha!), took part in the Singapore Blog Awards, bought a new house and acquired a new office space for Honeyz Cube. What made it even better … Continue Reading