Fashion Review: Agneselle Premium Chiffon Jumpsuit in Rose Pink

Another fashion review to satisfy edacious shopping appetites. I checked out three Agneselle dresses as I typed the above. Yes! I was referring to my own appetite too. -_- Anyway, I hope you belles had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday, strutting around in your beautiful Vday dresses and your dates’ arms! This was Victoria’s Secret’s … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Agneselle Pippa Lace Dress in Blush Pink

Perk up your Lunar New Year look with a dash of pink! Remember this pink lace dress from Celebrate Chinese New Year in style with Nail Indulgence De Beau Gelish Nails ? Here’s a quick pictorial recap. Afterthoughts… According to Agneselle, this dress was inspired by Pippa Middleton and Vera Wang Great choices for a fashion … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Agneselle (AE) Kourtney Floral Skirt & Romantic Chiffon Sleeve Dress

I’m finally back from my ‘Fashion Sabbatical’! Apologies for the hiatus as I’ve been really busy with work and events lately. I attended a nice wedding, went to the museum to see the legendary Terracotta Warriors, met up with old friends and attended the ‘Miss Singapore World Pageant’! Bernice, Miss Thailand and me. She’s gorgeous, isn’t … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Agneselle (AE) Sarah Chiffon Blue Top and Kim Asymmetrical Band Toga Dress

Another expression of my brewing passion for fashion… Hola! I hope you gorgeous ladies have had a great long weekend. Have you also done lots of online shopping during this period? Stop! Before you hit the buy button again, I’m back with another fashion review to justify your purchase decision. Read on! Agneselle Kim Asymmetrical … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Agneselle (AE) Bejewel Dress (Pink) & High Waist Midi Skirt (Yellow)

Many of my friends have remarked that they think 80 per cent of my wardrobe are Agneselle’s (AE) clothes as I wear AE at least four times a week! Haha.. it’s no wonder why. AE offers unbeatable quality. I like that the workmanship of their clothes are always consistent and never shoddy. So no surprise. Today’s … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: Agneselle (AE)

Howdy! I’ve been an ardent fan of Agneselle since 2009. Why? Cus their clothes fit my tiny frame snugly! So to pay tribute to my favorite local blog shop, I decided to do a fashion review on their clothes. If you’ve been following my blog, you would have noticed that this is my second fashion … Continue Reading