SBA2013: My Secret Garden Party (Part III) – Flower It Up!

The metamorphosis continues with part three of my Secret Garden Party Series – Flower It Up! This final edition of the series is all about rolling fairy dust, whim and colors into one nifty and pretty package. After beauty and makeup, I’m going show you how to achieve bouncy bombshell curls in 10 short minutes, create … Continue Reading

SBA2013: My Secret Garden Party (Part II) – Get Fairy-Ready!

It’s time to sprinkle some fairy dust on your makeup with the second installment of my Secret Garden Party series – Get Fairy-Ready! Makeup is all about playing up your best features and having fun. So on today’s post, I’m going to dole out tips on how you can play around with notice-me colors, get the perfect … Continue Reading

SBA2013: My Secret Garden Party (Part I) – Prepping for the Garden

With the current dry and hazy conditions, flowers are certainly ‘a sight for sore eyes’ now. 😛 So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to create a ‘heavy petal’ look that you can wear on your next jaunt to the botanical gardens or when you’re attending a garden party wedding. I call it the Secret … Continue Reading

Singapore Blog Awards 2013: Meeting the Sponsors and Attending the Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment Workshop

The perks of being a Singapore Blog Awards 2013 finalist – you get to play with new toys, meet beauty extraordinaires and of course also attend exclusive workshops like the Panasonic Beauty Workshop! Were I to sum up the Panasonic Beauty Workshop in a few words, it would be this: A joyful afternoon of skin care demonstrations, beauty makeovers … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Spa Symphony Super H2O Bian Stone Facial Treatment and Facebook Giveaway!

Sponsored Review These days, finding an experienced and trustworthy facial salon is as difficult as breaking a coconut with your bare hands. I’ve also become rather prudent with my choice of spas and treatments. I believe most of you will know why. I’ve visited a few spas in the past few months and have been pretty … Continue Reading

Exclusive Novalash Promotion for Honeyz Belles!

Advertorial Well, you belles all know that I have Novalash extensions on. The extensions can last up to four weeks. But do you know that the lifespan and lusciousness of the extensions can be extended if you clean and condition them with the right products? I’ve been using this particular cleansing product from Lolita Group and … Continue Reading