My Quintessential Wedding Hair Stylist – Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Sponsored Review You probably already know that your hair affects how you look to a very large extent.  To be exact, we’re talking about 70%. But can you guess what that 70% is made up of? Color, texture or style? If you guessed style, you’re absolutely spot on! A huge portion of our looks is … Continue Reading

Beauty Bags are Passe, Snack Boxes are the new Queen Bee!

Sponsored Review Snack monsters are gonna rejoice at this next announcement – a snack-filled sampler bag has just descended from food heaven and its name – Greedy Chimp! You bet this hungry little ape loves his grub and is dying to share his toothsome loot with you. Experience the euphoria with me as I unpack my … Continue Reading

Battle of the best CC Creams – LJH Cellabel M.C. Vital CC Cream VS Rachel K CC Cream

After my dreadful breakout earlier this year, I’ve ditched my heavy liquid foundations for mild formula bases like Color Control (CC) creams. But the rise of these groundbreaking skin saviors has also led to hundreds of new CC creams surfacing in the market every month and this has made the search for the best CC … Continue Reading

Hair Profile: Goldilocks who?

Sponsored Review This summer, the whiz-bang team of Hair Profile gives Goldilocks a run for her money with sumptuous shades of burlesque pink and moulin rouge. Yes. I’m tired of the usual hues so I’m putting a little swerve into my boring locks by scattering some dazzling magenta streaks on my crown too. Click to … Continue Reading

Online Shopping Review:

Sponsored Review Whut??! Designer shades for a fraction of the cost with complimentary cleaning kit, free shipping and an option to try on the glasses virtually with the click of a button??? I’m officially moving to cloud nine! That’s not all. You get to make a difference to a person’s life with every pair of glasses … Continue Reading

Online Shopping Review: Jooix and Exclusive Discount Code for Honeyz Belles!

Sponsored Review I know Christmas is still miles away but since I’ll be meeting the future in-laws again during the festive season, the hunt for the perfect present is now full on. This time, I wanna let them feel the pulse of our melting pot culture by showing them more of Singapore. So I’ve been searching … Continue Reading