Travelling To Cloud Nine With My Chic New Passport Holder By TVS

So many places, so little time. I’ve a full checklist of travel preparation activities to undertake before every trip such as getting the travel documents together, making accommodation and transport plans, and of course, coming up with the ultimate packing list to make sure I don’t arrive at my holiday destination looking like a fashion … Continue Reading

Toast and Cheers: Finally Found Forever – Our Wedding Entrance Video

The pinnacle moment of a wedding is probably the wedding entrance aka the ‘First March-In’ which will inevitably set the tone for the rest of the ceremony. Many ideas started rolling in for the ultimate wedding entrance… – Arriving in a horse-drawn carriage Too cliche and the horses might start pooping all over the restaurant. … Continue Reading

Indulge in some Insta-Beau Buffet!

Instagram Photography is officially my new favorite hobby! I’ve been trying to hone my skills as a product photographer for my beauty encyclopedia, but what seemed like pure work initially turned out to be a helluva lot of fun! Taking photos everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings and help me … Continue Reading

“Who Are You Wearing?” – A Tribute to the Hilarious and Amazing Joan Rivers

I woke up today all excited to pen a new ‘Beauty Hack’ post but that excitement was taken away by the devastating news of comic legend, Joan Rivers’ passing. Even though we knew that she’s been on life support for days, I was still hopeful that she’ll recover from this medical ordeal. I know I’ll … Continue Reading

Amp Up Your Fashion Cred with Ash Lapin!

Sponsored Review Whether it’s the ultimate uptown glamor queen, girl-next-door or even biker chic look, you’ll never run out of fashion get-ups at As many of you probably already know, lapin means rabbit in french so I was extremely excited when Ashley, founder of Ash Lapin contacted me to collaborate with her on this … Continue Reading

J Cottz: Shopping Appetite Satisfied!

Sponsored Review It is the CNY shopping season and I know many of you are clamouring for more showstopping clothes to pour your lovely curves into! So as your lifestyle consultant, I thought it’s only right that I apprise you of the latest fashion gems that I’ve discovered to help you elevate yourself to the … Continue Reading