Yay! You clicked on this! You must be pretty curious about me. Haha!

So here’s a three thousand-word essay on everything Juliana. JUST KIDDING! Please don’t hit the ‘X’ button yet!

So who am I?

My name is Juliana and I’m the writer and lifestyle consultant of ilovebunny.net as well as the founder of Singapore’s largest online beauty encyclopedia, Honeyz Cube and party studio, Honeyz Paint House.

Why Ilovebunny.net?

Because I’ve a ginormous crush on bunnies and as an homage to my best friend Bebe. 🙂

But you know what? This blog is actually called ‘Honeyz’.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Honey can be used to describe ‘an attractive woman’. I added the ‘z’ to Honey to add some extra panache and emphasis to its original meaning.

In this blog’s lexicon, Honeyz means a confident and intelligent new-age woman who is not afraid to express her desires, show off her charm and become the belle of every ball. A belle is a woman who is admired for her beauty and sophistication, so collectively, you, my readers, are known as the Honeyz Belles. Welcome to the club!

What’s this blog about?

I’m a fashion, beauty and travel devotee and this blog is here to help fellow fashion enthusiasts, beauty mavens and wanderlusters punch up their wardrobe, pick out knockout products for their makeup bags and travel wisely and fashionably!


Before Honeyz Cube came along, the Internet was my beauty encyclopedia. Okay, it still is!

I googled whenever I needed skin care tips or fashion advice. However, I could never find a website that was dedicated to beauty reviews and tips for South East Asian skin. The unique combination of lifestyle, diet and climate in this part of the world means that generic beauty tips may not suit us. So I began to look for my own special beauty regimes and products. I think they probably worked because my family and friends quickly took notice of the ‘new me’ and began to ask me for beauty and fashion advice. Soon I became their “Resident Beauty Guru”. Haha!

Encouraged by friends and family to share my beauty tips as well as my take on different beauty and fashion products and services, Honeyz was born on 11 June 2011.

And this is Petite Amie!


Your new girlfriend and our new mascot. A fashion and beauty loving jet setter, she epitomises the modern woman!

What was I doing before Honeyz?

Always in search of new and exciting ventures, I found myself gaining valuable life skills while enjoying my time in various different professions before finally finding my feet in Honeyz.

I enjoyed working in front of the camera as a TV actress at the tender age of 16 and later on I did some modeling work. However, my desire to further my academic achievements led me to enroll into the London School of Economics. This was an interesting time and the skills I learned were invaluable. To make ends meet while I studied, I managed to use the tools I had acquired from my studies to work as a freelance property agent. It was lucrative, but I yearned for something more meaningful.

After I graduated, I decided to see the world and spent some time jet-setting and travelling around. It gave me a better perspective of things. Upon my return, I landed probably the best job for a fresh grad ever. Think 5-star dinners, travel privileges and rubbing shoulders with leaders and dignitaries from 21 countries. Woo hoo!

I was working in the APEC Business Advisory Council and helped to organize and host the APEC meetings and conferences, meeting the likes of Hu Jintao, Stephen Harper, Jack Ma, Jet Li and of course, my favourite, Barack Obama.

Yet, once again, I felt the need to move on. All these experiences made me want more out of my life than just running the rat race like everyone else.

I went on to work in an IT firm supporting their CSR efforts and creating buzz-worthy websites and apps and that’s when it all came together. As if everything so far had been leading to this point. I finally had the dream and the tools with which to make it happen. I started Honeyz blog followed by Honeyz Cube and haven’t looked back ever since. 🙂

What am I working on now?

Honeyz Cube will be launching a luxury beauty subscription bag program and our very own mobile app that advises users on beauty-related information on the go!

Oh and of course my wedding! I just got engaged to the sweetest guy in the world so I’m preparing for my dream wedding. 😛

Things are just going to get busier and better from here.

Life is a journey, it’s about being able to tell a story and so far I’ve loved every second of it. More so because I’ve been able to share the journey with you, my friends. Thank you for all your support over the years, you’ve made my dreams come true.


Your friend,

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My Studio, Honeyz Paint House


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