Beast: I want to do something for her… but what?

Cogsworth: Well, there’s the usual things: flowers… chocolates… promises you don’t intend to keep…

Haha! I’m glad I got my flowers, chocolates, promises that were sealed in our wedding vows (phew!) as well as some very stunning Disney inspired wedding photos!

Speaking of Disney, I think the House of Mickey is totally slaying it this year with the release of the new Cinderella movie, Frozen Fever (an animated short sequel to Frozen) and now, a new touring theatrical production of Beauty and the Beast! I’ve heard so much about its award-wining score, costumes and talented cast, that I was over the moon when they decided to pay a call to this part of the world too. Woo hoo!

You can bet your bottom dollar that I snapped up the best seats in the house as soon as the tickets were available on Sistic. Haha!

Before I marvel at the excellence of the musical, let’s revel in the magic of the Enchanted Rose with the next instalment in my Toast and Cheers series of wedding photos, our very own homage to the magic of Beauty And The Beast, I present to you ‘La Belle et Le Beau’.


We engaged two photographers with completely different styles for our Beauty and the Beast pre-wedding photoshoot.

This next collection of photos was taken by Ada and Aki of A Square Visual Studio.

They feature a new form of photography known as ‘Indie Pop’ (aka 小清新) which is a blend of dreamy and quaint photography styles.

This new form of photography was incarnated by the the ‘Indie Pop’ culture of the the UK music industry in the 1980s. It was popular for chronicling the little things in one’s life through refreshing, gentle and positive music themes. Later, this interesting sub-culture expanded its influence to the movie and photography industry. A few photography houses in the region have jumped on the bandwagon and adopted this new style of photography and one of them is A Square Visual Studio.

And here’s their take on our Enchanted Rose story.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land…

Beauty and the beast wedding belle

Beauty and the beast wedding 2

Beauty and the beast wedding 3
Beauty and the beast wedding 4
Beauty and the beast wedding 5
Beauty and the beast wedding 7
Beauty and the beast wedding 9

Beauty and the beast wedding 8

We took up their PW01 package that includes makeup, 25 edited photos, a gorgeous hardbound album and a huge photo canvas. You can see the full details of the package here –

Psst! If you’re interested to engage A Square too, here’s what they’ve offered you belles,

Quote JULIANA to get an awesome 10% off when you take up A Square’s amazing photography packages!

Click here for more photos –

Of course, how can we forget Sim Video, managed by my dear friend, my colleague, Yong Thye, without whom so much of what we planned simply would not have been possible.

I sincerely believe there is no other video company out there that would have accommodated all my zany requests in the way Sim Video has. Whether it was out in Paris taking photos in the wind and rain, or filming a Disney style epic, Sim Video has time and time again surpassed all my wildest expectations.

They’ve captured and immortalized moments that I will always treasure, beautiful memories of the best day of my life, moments that I can share with my family, friends and even my children next time.

And here’s his rendition of the perfect Beauty and the Beast fairytale. 🙂

Perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before…


Be Our Guest 2


Be Our Guest 4

Be Our Guest disney
Be Our Guest disney 2
Be Our Guest wedding
Be Our Guest 6

And this was where our inspiration came from. 🙂


Disney based their version of the Beauty and the Beast story in Loire Valley, France.

So I guess it comes as no surprise that we chose France as the main set up of our fairytale wedding.

However, instead of going to the very scenic Loire Valley, we decided to give our story a contemporary and urban twist by making the City of Lights, Paris the backdrop of our story instead.

The end result was still astonishing so we didn’t regret forgoing the ancient castles and historic towns for the modern majestic Louvre Pyramid and Eiffel Tower.

The idea of being in France already gave our wedding story a nice La Belle et la Bête overtone.

And of course, all these could have gone to waste without a good visualiser. With Yong Thye’s good eye for composition, we managed to shoot a full wedding video and achieve our fairytale pictorial goals in four days!

Thank you YT and Sim Video for the breathtaking photos!

For more wedding videos by Sim Video, visit 🙂

My dinner with the ‘Beast’…

Beauty and the beast wedding

Beauty and the beast wedding 2
Beauty and the beast wedding 3
Beauty and the beast wedding 4
Beauty and the beast wedding 5
Beauty and the beast wedding 6
Beauty and the beast wedding 19
Beauty and the beast wedding 8
Beauty and the beast wedding 9
Beauty and the beast wedding 10
Beauty and the beast wedding 11
Beauty and the beast wedding 12
Beauty and the beast wedding 15
Beauty and the beast wedding 16
Beauty and the beast wedding 17
Beauty and the beast wedding 13
Beauty and the beast wedding 14
Beauty and the beast wedding 18



Beauty and the beast wedding 20

Beauty and the beast wedding 21



Finally Found Forever Wedding Entrance (1)

Beauty and the beast wedding 22


Beauty and the beast wedding 24

Beauty and the beast wedding 25

“Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It’s past your bedtime. Good night, love.”- Mrs. Potts

Photography by Lightbox Productions
Cutouts by Paper Meister by Malorie Pang
Wedding stylist: Beth of 1-Host
Disney Castle Cake by Cake Inspiration
Desserts by Divine Favors

Tell you a secret – I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I go through these photos by Kwang of Lightbox Productions.

It was as if I was still at the wedding! He captured so many significant moments and expressions, images of that beautiful day started to flood my mind. I’m so glad I can always relive those amazing and magical memories again through his photos.

I must say, each and everyone of the wedding vendors listed above really went out of their way to ensure our wedding was as magical as it could possibly be.

Thank you once again for making my dreams come true.

Coming up next…


Beauty and the beast wedding 7

Now I’m counting down the seconds to see this musical! Whee!

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Have a magical day, belles!

Your friend,

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