Fashion Review: Hello Blogshop – Blue Scallop Top

I had a fashion epiphany… I’ll explain why later. First, take a look at the second installment of Honeyz Fashion Review: Hello Blogshop – Blue Scallop Top Afterthoughts… I’m never a fan of loose-fitting clothes. I always thought they make one look sloppy and ‘less endowed’.  So when I first saw this in the package … Continue Reading

Honeyz Market – Sara Shantelle’s Head CPR

Sara Shantelle’s Head CPR This product was featured in Honeyz Beauty Review: Sara Shantelle Head CPR. No. 1 Selling Product of the Year in Taiwan. Introduction No.1 CPR Oxygen Therapy contains RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and Vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using natural herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil. It contains … Continue Reading