The Latest Nail Sensation, Dashing Diva, Has Hit Our Sunny Singapore Shores!

Advertorial Make a BIG fashion statement this season with Dashing Diva! Yes, you heard me right. The American nail sensation is back in town! And this time they are back with a bigger bang with their latest Metallic Design Nails on the Go (aka Metallic Nails). What? You’ve never heard of Dashing Diva? You ought … Continue Reading

Fashion Review: LOEF’s Dart Detail Work Dress (Green) and Bandage Skirt (Orange)

With Lilies of e Field, I’ll always be on the forefront of fashion. Dart Detail Work Dress in Green As seen on LOEF             Afterthoughts… I’m so in love with this dress in particular its bold turquoise color. (It’s probably closer to green.) The color of the dress is true … Continue Reading