Hair Profile Salon Review: Color Me Purple

Sponsored Review Word has it that wearing purple enhances creativity and is associated with confidence, self independence and class. Nice. I need that but I don’t think I should wear only purple or everyone might start associating me with Barney. Well, since I wasn’t born to the purple, I decided to wear the gorgeous amethyst hue … Continue Reading

Hair Profile: Goldilocks who?

Sponsored Review This summer, the whiz-bang team of Hair Profile gives Goldilocks a run for her money with sumptuous shades of burlesque pink and moulin rouge. Yes. I’m tired of the usual hues so I’m putting a little swerve into my boring locks by scattering some dazzling magenta streaks on my crown too. Click to … Continue Reading

Especially Escada – Add a dose of pretty, sweetness and vigor to our lives!

Sponsored Review Summer is dancing around the corner again! And I can’t wait to kick off the warm season with some beach frolicking, languid sunbathing and of course retail therapy! This June, not only do I wanna look good, I wanna smell good! So retail therapy includes shopping for a gorgeous fragrance that’s perfect for … Continue Reading

Hey ma, look! I’ve got pink hair!

Sponsored Review I posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it ‘Colors of Nature‘. Apt or trying too hard to blend into the green surroundings with my hot pink highlights? Haha! Maybe a backdrop of sakuras will be more appropriate. Anyway, who says pink hair is not for the faint of heart? Well, Hair Profile has … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Hair Profile and Special Promotion for Honeyz Belles

Sponsored Review B just dropped a huge bomb on me announcing that on top of visiting The Lourve and touring the shopping streets of London during our upcoming Europe trip, I’ll also be meeting the future in-laws! Eek!!! It is the first time I’m meeting them so presentation really counts. I gotta look my best! … Continue Reading