Fashion For Every Kind of Summer Celebration

Guest Post by Holly Tomlinson Is there anything better than a summertime party? From backyard BBQs to the 4th of July, there’s really nothing like summertime fun. As the weather warms and the daylight stretches long into the evening, the abundance of celebrations goes up—way up. And, of course, no party is complete without the perfect … Continue Reading

How to Manage Hair in Tropical Climates

You take a long, luxurious shower. You get out, and you painstakingly style your hair. Giving yourself one last look in the mirror, you flip your blown-out locks over your shoulder. Your hair is smooth, bouncy and shiny. Then, you grab your purse and step outside. By the time you glance at your reflection again, … Continue Reading

Beauty Review: Rehab London

To all my favorite martians, is the unwanted stubble, embarrassing shine or dehydrated skin from the last few boys’ nights out beginning to get to you? Then it’s probably time to check into beauty rehab. Nah, I’m not suggesting that you fill your grooming routine with a hundred complicated products and steps that could make … Continue Reading

Warby Parker: Getting Comfortable With Your Own Wardrobe

Guest Post It is almost March and this means it’s time to chuck Winter aside and welcome Spring! But this does not mean you have to revamp your wardrobe entirely for the new season. Today, we’re very delighted to have Kaki Read, the Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker share some useful ideas and tips on how … Continue Reading

Health Couture by Dr Bobby Stryker

Guest Post Say hello to a healthy 2013 with Honeyz’ new health and wellness segment – Health Couture! To glow from within, you gotta eat right and live right. So on top of helping you with your fashion, beauty and travel related decisions, Honeyz would also like to partake in your health decisions with our … Continue Reading

Anya Sarre: Look Elegant and Sophisticated this Season with Fall’s Must-Have Trends

Guest Post It’s fall again! This means it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with this season’s fashion staples and stand-out shades. And this week, you’re in for a treat because we have one of Hollywood’s most influential trendsetters, Anya Sarre share her fabulous tips on fall’s must have trends and styles right here on Honeyz! A nationally … Continue Reading