Ace That Internship Interview!

A couple of entries back, I announced that Honeyz Cube 2.0 and its new showroom is finally coming to fruition and what do you know! My phone and social media channels were immediately inundated with encouraging messages and well wishes. Thanks guys! The influx of positive words certainly boost my confidence and inspired me to … Continue Reading

I Lost, But It’s Ok :)

My dear friends and loved ones, After a last minute flurry of activity, with votes coming in left, right and centre, pushing my final vote count to an unimaginable 1101, I still only managed to finish in second place. As I write this, I’m wiping away a tear from my eye. Not a tear of … Continue Reading

Thank You For Your Votes, Support And Love!

“Because when you look around, this life is pretty amazing.” To say that these past couple of weeks have been overwhelming would be an understatement. I was completely taken aback by the support and the sheer number of votes I received for my entry in the Singapore Blog Awards competition. To win the contest, you’ll … Continue Reading

How I Found My Dream Job

Woo hoo! I just received the keys to Honeyz Cube’s new office space! You bet there are no words to describe the happiness I’m feeling right now. *happy dance* This entrepreneurial journey has been one hell of a ride, fulfilling and exciting yet also laced with a lot of uncertainty and self-doubting. I’m so glad … Continue Reading

How to Save Money in Singapore?

* Published 16 January 2013, Last Updated 7 October 2015 * Once upon a time, a million dollars could buy us a fancy condo or even a waterfront villa. We felt pretty much like kings if we had a million bucks. Today the situation is not quite the same. According to this article, we have … Continue Reading

How to Take Good Instagram Photos

The post you’ve been waiting for is finally here! My apologies that it took so long as I’ve been totally swamped with wedding and Honeyz Cube affairs but as the saying goes – better late than never! 😛 As mentioned the last time, taking pictures everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings … Continue Reading